Ashok Leyland Releases Euro IV MPFI Engine

| India, Chennai

Ashok Leyland’s Multipoint Fuel Injection 5.7 litre CNG engineEuro V ‘potential’

Indian OEM commercial vehicle manufacturer Ashok Leyland has released their next generation natural gas engine, the 5.7 litre Multipoint Fuel Injected (MPFI) W06DTI ‘H’ Series engine. The engine delivers 135 kW @ 2400 rpm and meets Euro IV standards and the company says could potentially achieve Euro V standards. With compressed natural gas dominating the alternative fuel market in India, the engine is expected to find ready markets at home and abroad.

The CNG engine uses stoichiometric combustion technology (chemically correct air-fuel ratio) in combination with three-way catalytic converter to reduce the emissions to the lowest level possible. The Multi Point Fuel Injection system delivers the required gas quantity at the intake manifold, as per the vehicle demand even in transient operating conditions.

The Exhaust Gas Re-circulation (EGR) used in the engine not only lowers the NOx emission but also restricts the thermal load on the engine components. The quantity of EGR is controlled by the difference in pressures between exhaust manifold and the turbocharger’s compressor inlet.

The waste gate turbocharger is optimized for max torque.

The high performance CNG engine features electronics provided by a new state-of-the-art Electronic Control Unit (ECU) that controls the sequential gas injection and high-energy ignition systems. The plug-on coils used in the engine, along with long life spark plug, according to Ashok Leyland, makes for maintenance-free operation of the vehicle.

Designed and optimized for high power and torque output with low fuel consumption and emission levels, Ashok Leyland says the engine offers better fuel efficiency compared to any engine of its class and is expected to provide the customer with low life cycle costs.

“Having developed in-house the first CNG bus engine in India a decade ago, the first MPFI CNG engine in Indian auto sector is another proud achievement of our in-house capabilities. With this engine, we step into the more challenging phase of transient cycles mandated in the Euro IV norms of the future”, commented Mr. R Seshasayee, Managing Director.

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